Cristian Lepore

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Cyber Security Fellow | Ph.D. candidate
M.Sc. Comp. Science (Univ. of Milan)

• Italian at the Toulouse Comp. Science Research Center (France) [webpage].
• Developer of the SecTeal compiler [archive].
• Architect of AuthclicK [webpage], no longer a maintainer.

Specialty: Digital Identity.

Contacts [email] [encrypt]


• Oregon Progr. Lang. Summer School, 2021

University of Oregon, United States

• Cyber Security Incident Management, 2018

University of Toronto, Canada

• Computer Network Security, 2018

Ryerson University, Canada



• Researcher at the Toulouse Comp. Science Research Center (IRIT).

2020 (1 year)

• Research assistant, Univ. of Stirling, UK.

Earlier (2013-2017)

• Partner Business Evangelist.  Microsoft
• Infrastructure Analyst.  Oracle
• Software Engineer.  IBM

Fig.1. Me at the Crypto Lab UniMI - 2019


Name Summary

• A compiler tool for developing blockchain smart contracts.

Formal Model of Algorand
[Video] [Testing]

• Exploited the formal model of Algorand to prove fundamental properties and highlight major design patterns.

Digital Identity

• Assessed the communication protocol of the verifiable credential model.


• Designed a proof of concept of an online accommodation rental business model.


• A decentralized user-centric platform that deals with digital copyrights.

TLS Secure Standard

• Vulnerability assessement of the TLS standard, and presented the results at the UniMI workshop.

IBM Job Migration

• Main designer of the IBM tool for migrating cron and Windows tasks to Workload Automation.


2021 - 2024

EU project Legality Attentive Data Scientists (LeADS) [webpage].


• Tested Algorand ASC2 at the Encode Algorand Club, Oxford, UK. [anncmnt].


• Lepore, C., Laborde, R., Eynard, J., Kandi, M. A., Macilotti, G., Ferreira, A., & Sibilla, M. (2023).
Assessing e-identity solutions according to Self-Sovereign Identity: application to eIDAS.

• Bartoletti, M., Bracciali, A., Lepore, C., Scalas, A., & Zunino, R. (2021).
A formal model of Algorand smart contracts.

• Lepore, C., Ceria, M., Visconti, A., Rao, U. P., Shah, K. A., & Zanolini, L. (2020).
A Survey on Blockchain Consensus with a Performance Comparison of PoW, PoS and Pure PoS.

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