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Cristian Lepore

Early-Stage Researcher in Cyber Security

Contact: CristianLepore24@gmail.com

It is 2 o'clock on a sunny Friday afternoon. I am at a Starbucks in Santa Monica. Suddenly, I get a strange notification on my phone: 'Thank you for purchasing the ticket from Los Angeles to New York.' However, I didn't book any tickets.

Then, I realized that I couldn't access my email account. I panicked. Someone has taken control of my digital life and is pretending to be me.

I spent the following few hours investigating solutions and became interested in online security. I decide to learn all about it. I want to protect myself and help others avoid similar problems.

A few years later, I majored in Computer Science and joined the Toulouse Computer Science Research Center (IRIT).

Today, my work is a segment of the research line that aims to develop an assessment model to evaluate digital identity solutions and prevent future identity thefts. Such models are essential to reason about technical standards and specifications in the field of digital identity. My work sheds light on several scientific publications.

Positions held


Presentations at conferences

Doing research is also an opportunity to travel and exchange thoughts:


  1. Aligning eIDAS and Trust Over IP: A Mapping Approach. Under review for ARES Conference 2024.
  2. Lepore, Cristian, et al. "A Model For Assessing The Adherence of E-Identity Solutions To Self-Sovereign Identity", Springer, 2024.
  3. Author of a chapter in the book: "L'identité numérique en construction. Quels enjeux et quels modèles ?"
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